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OM Primary School

The Primary Years Curriculum for grades 1-4 is thoughtfully planned to ensure that each child at school enjoys these years in learning, discovery and creative engagement. The curriculum is based on sound educational principles and up-to-date research into the ways of how children learn. It is weaved keeping in mind the National Curriculum Framework 2005 and the 21st Century learning skills.

The Primary Years Curriculum is a largely integrated curriculum wherein interrelated lessons across subjects are linked by common themes. Six themes through the year help the learners in Grades1-4 make meaningful connections.

The underlying attitudes of 'Care for Self', 'Care for others' and 'Care for the Environment' are reflected and reinforced in all relationships and interactions of the school. Discussions and collaboration spur on creative ideas. These ideas are nurtured in an environment where everyone is heard out and listening with respect is a quality that is encouraged.

Learning environment is an integral part of the teaching-learning that takes place in the classroom. Bright airy classrooms, creative learning centers, comfortable reading spaces, exciting bulletin boards and appropriate learning space layouts are an important part of the learning environment. It facilitates whole group, small group and individual work which take into cognizance differing learning needs of learners, bringing out our philosophy of joyful and creative learning.

The objective of assessment is to give information about the student's progress to the teacher, the student and the parents. It also helps in providing timely challenge, support and intervention wherever needed. In keeping with our philosophy of Open Minds, continuous and comprehensive assessment takes place throughout the year in an atmosphere free of fear and stress.

All these thoughtful processes ensure the fulfillment of our ultimate goal of teaching in a way that all students learn.