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OM Middle School

The Middle and High School Curriculum at Open Minds though unique, merges seamlessly with the ICSE/CBSE/IB/IGCSE boards. Till Grade 7 Open Minds offers a unique curriculum and Grade 8 onwards the curriculum is designed keeping in mind the culminating Board examination.

The focus of the Middle School curriculum is to connect what is taught and learned in the various subjects to life outside the classroom. In this way the curriculum moves away from content overload and rote methods to conceptual understanding of learners, encouraging them to go beyond the text to link it with their context. Moreover, integrated and interdisciplinary approach is generously adopted wherever appropriate, in order to establish a link between separate subjects taught in the Middle School. Besides scholastic areas, there are various co-scholastic areas too, that are part of the curriculum giving students ample opportunity to express themselves through creative and visual arts, speech and drama, music, various individual and team sports and community service projects. Life skills, physical education and outbound programmes are also an essential part of the Middle School curriculum.

Learning environment forms an integral part of the teaching-learning that takes place in the classroom. The reading corner and interactive word wall helps in enhancing vocabulary and keep them engaged during free time. The dynamic seating arrangement enables the learners to work in pairs and groups.

Assessments are continuous and comprehensive which helps the students to learn in a stress free environment. These assessments provide information about students progress which in turn helps in timely intervention and support.