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Globe Tot'ers

Our curriculum and infrastructure is carefully designed keeping children's needs in mind. We follow an integrated, emergent and thematic curriculum for the holistic development of children.

Our learning environment has been planned keeping in mind the overall development of children. It is cheerful and engaging so that children enjoy the teaching learning process. The furniture used in the classrooms is safe and designed according to the needs and interests of children. Classrooms are designed with vibrant, attractive, safe, open ended materials. There is also a variety of display boards in the class which help to reinforce learning.

Learning centers like block play, dramatic play, language and literacy, math and manipulative, exploration, art and music have theme focused materials where children engage in activities of their choice. Table top activities are teacher guided and provide focused learning experiences for children in small groups.

The centre of the classroom is free and has the celebrated circle where the entire class comes together to build a community that enhances social skills and a spirit of belonging. The verdant outdoor environs with garden, trees and flowers aplenty in addition to equipment for play make a vibrant outdoor area where children can be found exploring, discovering and sharing the mysteries of nature.

Children are assessed in an ongoing manner. Their work is documented through portfolios enriched with child's work, transcripts written by teachers, anecdotes and pictures of children engaged in a variety of activities. It is almost like a peep into the child's world within the school set up. Moreover, progress report card is maintained and shared with parents at the end of each term that highlights the child's abilities across different domains of development.

We follow a strong school-parent partnership and consider parents as partners in providing enriching experiences to their children. We involve parents in our programmes through parent orientation programmes, parent teacher conferences, volunteering opportunities and participation during festivals and celebrations.